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Microsoft Attacking Google

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Microsoft has been going after Google like it ain’t no thang.

Now the software giant wants to get some antitrust stances against Google because Google keeps expanding into other venues and Microsoft feels that expansion is cramping the style of the industry.

Microsoft took their case to the European regulators. It sounds like that Microsoft just can’t stand not being the big guy on the block anymore.

This is more like a gang pile on Google by Microsoft and other companies that missed the boat when it came to building search engines that people like.

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Now that Google is the big dog on the block these other companies are trying to find any excuse whatsoever to beat them down.

Microsoft has the nerve and audacity to be accusing Google of being disadvantageous to it’s competitors but anyone studying recent history going back to the dawn of Microsoft can realize that Microsoft itself isn’t pure as the driven snow.

Even this week, co founder of Microsoft Paul Allen released a tell all book that portrays Bill Gates in not too friendly a light.

Google will surely come out swinging with both hands and feet and may well put Microsoft and the other sour grapes groups in check. The digital world is starting to look like a playground battlefield nowadays.

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