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Microsoft Kin:New Phone Dead

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Microsoft Kin:New Phone Dead – Microsoft has made several attempts at providing a well liked phone in the cell phone industry. However, with huge competitors who focus on cell phone related products like Apple, they have a lot of competition to compete with. One of their productions was the “Kin.” Its targeted audience was just about everyone who uses their phone to interact with friends socially. This is about everyone in the world as most of us now use Facebook. However, the phone was designed to appeal toward younger generations. With a variety of social network applications it looked like a promising candidate to take on some of the bigger products and main brands in the industry. However, even though the phone was just released recently, CNET has reported that Microsoft killed its production.

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The Kin included many promising features like a handset and two versions to the phone called the Kin One and the Kin Two. Both phones are still being sold under the Verizon Wireless Network in the United States. If you missed your chance to buy the Kin, it’s not too late. The phones were expected to launch in European countries very soon which now appears to be canceled. Perhaps the little success the phone has had in the United States has caused Microsoft to cancel their plans. Instead, Microsoft says that they want to put all eyes on their Windows Phone 7 device. Their new phone will be launching later this year and will feature a Windows 7 operating system with highly advanced capabilities.
Along with cancelling the phones production, the entire Kin management team has been moved to the Windows Phone 7 team. This provides more time, more money and more concentration for the new phone. The Kin will continue to be sold in the United States regardless of its cancellation. However, no official statement has been released yet by Microsoft.

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