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Microsoft Kin

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Microsoft Kin – Reportedly Microsoft will be labeling their pink phones as “Kin” according to some reports that have surfaced around the web in recent days. The reports cited a database entry from Verizon Wireless that is being used as evidence. Further evidence surfaced later in the day. When the reports first started surfacing, when you went to you were taken to, which had convinced some bloggers and reporters that there could be some merit behind the rumor.

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Later in the day the rumor was confirmed that Microsoft Pink phones will now be officially labels as “Kin.” In fact, there is going to be a Kin One as well as a Kin Two. The domain no longer is being redirected to, and is instead loading the official Microsoft Kin phone site. Although the phones were officially unveiled today, they have been a badly kept secret for quite some time in the mobile industry.
The phones are expected to be manufactured by Sharp but will don the Microsoft logo. This comes after repeated claims for individuals inside Microsoft that claimed that there wouldn’t be a Microsoft phone released in the near future. However, they never stated that there would not be a Microsoft branded phone to be released. Expected carriers for the upcoming mobile device include Verizon and Vodaphone. The phones are expected to be shipped out before the end of the month to users that have ordered to phones. Some experts have speculated that the phones were created to be an eventual replacement for the Sidekick, which is a phone that was marketed toward teens and individuals in their early 20’s for the social marketing integration.

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