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Microsoft Office 2010 Launch

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Microsoft Office 2010 Launch – Microsoft has launched their newest version of their productivity suite, Microsoft Office 2010. The recent release is said to be an upgrade over the previous versions of the application that was last released in 2007. Microsoft is reportedly testing whether or not they will be able to continue to compete in the market with Google offering a similar free solution online that has driven many Office users away in recent years. Office 2010 was developed in Redmond, Washington and is currently only available for business customers.

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The latest additions to the software include a number of Web-friendly features that make the programs more integrable with websites and other online solutions.
The software suite has accounted for nearly 60% of Microsoft’s operating profit during its last fiscal year. A number of other similar cheap and free solutions have been released in recent years as well, resulting in a drop in market share for Microsoft. Google’s alternative, Google Docs, has continually seen their user base grow in recent years and have been able to secure a large number of users.

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