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Microsoft Photocopies:iPhone Cut/Copy/Paste Feature Missing

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Microsoft Photocopies:iPhone Cut/Copy/Paste Feature Missing – With the upcoming release of their newest operating system software for mobile devices, Windows Phone 7, it seems as if Microsoft has been studying from the book of Apple. Much like the iPhone operating system, it has been reported that Windows Phone 7 will also not feature the cut, copy and paste commands. Microsoft did however say that the phone will have built in functionality that will allow the phone to immediately spot phone numbers and other text within text messages, which will then allow the user to immediately use the recognized text. The iPhone also has this functionality built into the phone.

The lack of the ability to cut, copy and paste on the iPhone has been a source of criticism for quite some time. Many users report that they wish they had the ability to use their own text over again, instead of relying on the built in functionality of the iPhone to use the texts that they receive, not only online but through text message as well. The criticism for the lack of these features eventually became so loud that the company was forced to include them in an update of the operating system software.
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It is surprising, then, that Microsoft would choose to go the same route after the public outcry that Apple received when the iPhone did not include the cut, copy and paste commands. Microsoft claims that through internal research they have decided that users “don’t really need the clipboard functionality.” This comes as a surprise to many fans of Microsoft, a company that has included this functionality since the first operating system that they ever released. It is unclear if Microsoft will be willing to change their minds on the topic after hearing some feedback from the community. These features will likely be a sticking point for many would-be users.

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