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Microsoft Pricing Kinect E3 2010

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Microsoft Pricing Kinect E3 2010 – Microsoft has yet to announce the retail price for their Kinect device, a device that will allow users to control their XBox 360 (and, possibly, later their television and computer) using only their hands. It reads the skeleton of the individual to tell when they are moving and which action they are giving to the game. The device is obviously modeled off of the technology that was used in the Wii, but the Wii requires a remote to control the motion of the cursor on the screen.

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They said that they intend to target more consumers than traditional game consoles have in the past, which will greatly affect the pricing of the new device.
“For us Kinect is a broad, consumer part of our platform and will be priced appropriately. The other pricing out there, I’m not sure I exactly understand the pricing of what some of the competitors are doing. We want to have a clear price that is understandable and explainable to the consumer. And I think another aspect is that it works for multiple people,” said Spencer.
They said that they would like to find a price point that all of their consumers will appreciate, and find one that will not alienate consumers from purchasing the product. It will be a tough balance to find the sweet spot as far as pricing goes for the Microsoft Kinect.

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