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Microsoft Profits Surpassed By Apple

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Microsoft is on the defensive now that they company says that sales of their Windows software had slumped during the last quarter and they’re blaming the iPad for the drop.

It’s the first time in 20 ears that Microsoft has shown a smaller quarterly profit than Apple Inc.

The sale of laptops has slowed since the iPad came onto the market. Microsoft’s Windows division fell to 4.4 percent to $4.45 billion missing the $4.6 billion target they hoped for. In addition, Apple snagged a $5.99 billion net income versus Microsoft’s $5.23 billion.

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There were some good indicators for Microsoft considering their office based software but it’s clear that the iPad is putting a major dent in their sales and as these tablet computers gain more ground with more convenience and lower costs, the public is going to get more accustomed to them. Apple’s iPhone and iPad are the two threats to Microsoft and it’s because the iPad and iPhone are easy to use, easy to carry, and costs aren’t that expensive.

As the public continues to test and use and rely on the iPad and iPhone the confidence in the company rises and Microsoft loses out. This could be a major blow to Microsoft if Apple continues to diversify and venture into convenient computing.

The PC and laptop sales show combination of highs and lows and with Japan suffering from the disasters there there’s not telling if they’ll be able to accommodate the need for parts and support for the Windows based systems.

Next Christmas and holiday season will determine which way consumers go in regard to the economy and what they can afford and rely on.

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