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Microsoft Silverlight

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Microsoft Silverlight – AVIcode announced today that they will be previewing their monitoring ability within Microsoft Silverlight environments during the upcoming Microsoft Tech Ed North America. The event will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, June 7-10. They have long been considered to be the leader int he space of management of .NET applications. They have many solutions that they are able to offer businesses to help them increase performance of their applications.

Silverlight has enjoyed increased usage in recent months. They have become a leader in the space, and have become an essential utility for many businesses. Silverlight makes it possible to integrate information from a number of different source types including multimedia (audio and video), graphics, and animation while seamlessly updating the software. This allows users to interact with their applications online just as they would a normal, operating system driven application.
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Silverlight will likely be instrumental in moving computing from a desktop based environment to that of a web based environment. If our same applications that we use on our desktop can be seamlessly integrated with a web interface, allowing users to easily interact with website and data from their browser, the possibilities are endless. The company has been a leader in the space for quite some time and continues to provide innovative solutions. The technology that they will be previewing during the conference is among their most ambitious and innovative technology to date.

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