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Microsoft Sues Barnes & Noble

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Barnes & Noble Inc is going toe to toe with Microsoft Corp as the latter has filed lawsuits for patent infringement over the Nook electronic book reader.

Microsoft basically says that Barnes & Nobel’s e-readers infringe on several of Microsoft’s patents using software that is able to tab between screens and surf the web as well as interact with e-books.

It’s just one lawsuit of several in the battleground of the mobile industry with companies going at it with the fervor of in the ring combatants regarding who owns what technology and who invented it. It’s one company after another with lawsuits flying all over seemingly over the smallest incident.

With the figures for this year’s and last year’s e-book sales in and showing a monster gain that is taking a huge bite out of the hardcover market, and with e-book millionaires popping up left and right, it’s no wonder that Microsoft is joining in on the lawsuit craze as is many companies.

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Seattle is the place where the lawsuit was filed in federal court with the International Trade Commission with Microsoft claiming that the Nook line of e-readers does infringe on five of Microsoft’s patents. Also included in the lawsuit is Foxconn International Holdings Ltd and Inventec Corp.

This is just another of the ongoing lawsuits in the online technology sector that has the public’s heads spinning. We won’t know who owns what and what can be done until the dust clears.

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