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Microsoft Sues Datel For Copying Controller Design

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Microsoft Sues Datel For Copying Controller Design – Could you get anymore obvious with this one Datel? I’m not sure how you could “design” something like this, more or less steal the design from Microsoft and not expect for a disastrous outcome. Your controlling looks like an exact replica of the Xbox 360. Every detail on the Datel controller is just about the same. With the colors differing slightly and a few added but completely unneeded additions to the area where your grip the controller, Datel definitely knew that they were breaking some laws with this one. I mean how couldn’t you have known? It’s clearly obvious. Maybe they just didn’t expect to get caught but you can’t just run around copying another companies work like this, you really should be ashamed of yourselves.

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Microsoft filed a lawsuit against the British gaming company, Datel and they area really upset that Datel tried to copy several design aspects of the Xbox 360 controller. There are actually two Datel controllers that are under question being known as the “TurboFire” and “WildFire” designs. Neither of which representing a fire element. Maybe that would have gotten some points for uniqueness had they run with that approach. The patents filed are directly about the front design and button layout. The buttons are undoubtedly in the exact same spots as on the Xbox 360.

Microsoft is suing for compensatory damages, payments of royalties, or profits that Datel made from the two controllers. If I was Datel I would be real nervous right now because they are sure to lose this one in court. Even I can look at their designs and right away can smell trouble.

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