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Microsoft Windows Phone Chips Development

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The Microsoft Corp. has officially announced that they will be coming out with a version of Windows have will run on cell phone chips, a truly innovative and groundbreaking development as far as OS software is concerned.

This will be the first time that the Windows operating system will not be based entirely on Intel technology. Using cell phone chips could mean a lot of great things for the company and consumers alike, including a lot of saved energy and faster load time.

Most importantly, it will give the company the leverage that it needs to break into the market of tablet computers which are becoming increasingly popular with consumers.

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Perhaps part of Microsoft’s inspiration for this latest development was Apple’s iPad which runs on the same type of cell phone chip that Microsoft plans on using for their new OS.

A big part of the reason why Apple boasts that this product can run for 10 hours straight on just a single charge.

Steve Sinofsky who is head of the Windows division says that they are on the verge of a breakthrough for the company and demonstrated multiple prototype computers which run on these chips, sparking much curiosity among consumers.

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