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Microsoft Windows Shortcut Exploit Patch Monday Release

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Microsoft Windows Shortcut Exploit Patch Monday Release – Microsoft will very soon be releasing an update to the public to protect Windows users from a flaw in the system allowing the entry of a malicious bug, first found in mid-July this year. All versions of Windows suffer from the flaw, and are therefore vulnerable to these attacks.

The problem lies within how Windows handles desktop shortcuts. The flaw makes it possible for malicious hackers to gain control of a computer system via an adaptation of a shortcut. Hackers embed dangerous commands within shortcuts that will execute when the user clicks on it.

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Since the discovery of this flaw, there have been more reported attacks of this nature and the severity is increasing. This bug was originally designed to infect software control systems of large, important infrastructure such as power stations, but Windows have confirmed that hacking attempts of this nature have increased.

Therefore, Windows will be sending the update to it’s users off of the usual schedule. Ordinarily, security updates are issued on the second Tuesday of each month. This patch will be sent out on August 2nd at 18:00 BST (10:00 PDT).

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