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Microsoft Xbox 360 USB Drives Release Date & Price

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Microsoft Xbox 360 USB Drives Release Date & Price – The Microsoft USB drive been a long awaited and much need accessory to every Xbox. One thing you should definitely consider though is whether or not it is entirely needed. This is because its true that you can in fact use a regular, non Microsoft USB drive and format it correctly to work on the Xbox360. I believe you have to format it on your computer as a Fat32 partition, and then you should be able to access it through your Xbox. This way, if you have any movies, music, or shows stored on your flash drive, you can play them on your Xbox and it doesn’t have to be saved to the Xbox’s hard drive which will ultimately take up room that you need for saved games and such.

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The release date for the Microsoft’s Xbox 360 USB drives is April 6. There’s two available sizes for the Microsoft USB drives, 8GB and 16GB. With a decent amount of space like this you wont be able to store a lot of movies, but music is surely an option. The 8gb option is said to cost $39.99 and the 16GB option will sell for $69.99. Microsoft says that if this price is too high, you can buy a 3rd party USB drive and it should work on the Xbox but only up to 16GB. I’ve been able to get my 250GB hard drive to work for the Xbox 360 but it was formatted as a Fat32 partition which adds complication to getting it to function. It worked just fine which I’m sure there are many others who have had such luck as well and wont be taking Microsoft up on their new offer. The decision is up to the consumer, some people might see the 120GB internal hard drive Microsoft sells as a better option, since they can easily be snapped in and out of the console making it a light weight portable drive, just larger sized.

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  1. ggggggg | Mar 30, 2010 | Reply

    OMG, I can’t wait to get this.

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