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Mocospace Login Fixed

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Mocospace Login Fixed – MocoSpace is the largest American social network that is designed specifically for mobile users. The site allows users to mobile chat, instant message, and share photos and videos. Each user can also start their own blogs or forums on the social networking service. MocoSpace is known for taking extra precautions in security, which is one aspect of social network that has been a sticking point for many users.
MocoSpace enlisted the assistance of the Internet Safety Technical Task Force, and take personal user security very seriously. Users are required to report any unsafe or offensive behavior, and any spam that they see leaking onto the service.

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If you are found to be under the age of 18, or have lied about your age using your account, your account will be completely deleted from MocoSpace. The profile that is available to public users does not include any personal information that the outside world will have access to, but will allow users to update their own personal information and share it with individuals of their own choice.
Cyberbullying is also not allowed on the service, and if you are found to be bullying someone using MocoSpace, your account will be deleted and you could possibly be prosecuted.
MocoSpace also provides a number of safety tips that allow you, and your identity to remain safe while using their service. Their biggest request is that users do not add anyone as friends that they do not personally know. Not only does this cut down on spam, but it also helps keep users safe from prying eyes.

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