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Motorola Droid 2 Connectivity Issues

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Motorola Droid 2 Connectivity Issues – The Apple iPhone 4 became notorious for the high demand, and then the major problems it suffered with their built-in antenna…a new feature for smartphones. But it looks as though such issues are not isolated to Apple.

Motorola recently released their Droid 2, which comes with 3.7 inch touch screen, a QWERTY, and Android as its’ OS. It has already generated a fair amount of buzz, as Android phones settle in to battle back the popularity of the iPhones.
But some blogs are reporting connectivity problems, which keep the phones from keeping a strong, consistent signal, and drop calls and Internet service.

In fact, some have said that all over the country, the signal has been consistently weak, dropping suddenly in the middle of calls, and not allowing service in major areas. This would seem to point to an issue with the antenna itself, rather than service due to the provider. 

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We will probably see this a lot with smartphones in the near future. It is easy to blame the companies putting them out – and sometimes they deserve it, such as with Apple having months of notice about a problem they didn’t fix – but what consumers have to remember is that this is a new technology.

Mobile and web devices have come remarkably far in the last few years, with some phones more powerful than some PCs just ten years ago. It will take time to work out the bugs, especially with new ideas like internal antennas for such powerful mobile devices.

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