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Movies And Advertising: A Rising Business?

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Movies And Advertising: A Rising Business? – Movies and advertising go hand in hand. Advertising a movie correctly can take the movie from barely anticipated to highly anticipated over the course of just a few weeks. This was most evident with the recently released “Avatar” which saw a barrage of advertisements released in the weeks leading up to the release of the movie. Of course, the movie had an unprecedented amount of dollars dedicated to advertising alone, and the movie itself had one of the biggest budgets of all time. These factors all helped to propel the movie to the top, making it the highest earning movie of all time.

Smaller movies have to be a lot more subtle with their advertising. Often, movies will advertise to niche populations. The important part is finding out what sort of media individuals who would potentially be interested in your movie are currently watching, and advertising on those mediums.
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If you are attempting to advertise a low budget sci-fi film, you might want to look into advertising on the Sy Fy channel, or finding another network that is airing science fiction related material.
It is much harder to drum up interest in a movie when your advertising dollars are limited. Having a huge budget helps any movie, and movies like “Avatar” are basically able to advertise anywhere in order to build anticipation and hype for the film. It can be a tricky business, but advertising is eventually what makes or break a movie. How will viewers watch a movie they have never heard about?

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