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Mozilla Add-On Developer User Data Exposed

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Some of the data from people who initially developed Mozilla was accidentally revealed for a brief period of time because of a mistake on the server which Mozilla runs on.

The browser has been disabled the accounts of the individuals in question and reset all of their passwords for security reasons.

One of the registered users of Mozilla said that he received an email from Chris Lyon who is the director of infrastructure security at the browser company.

In the letter it appeared as though that the information from the user was only downloaded by Mozilla staff members. Those who work on the security team have taken all appropriate measures to make sure that it does not happen again.

Mozilla took the safe route and decided to remove and reinstate all of the passwords for the users on the website, requesting that each of them perform a reset for security reasons.
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Users who must reset their password have to click the “I forgot my password” link which is located on the login screen.

The user is then prompted to enter their email address so the new password can be sent there. The secured password is enclosed in the email for the user to read and activate with their account. The recent security breach has revealed a gaping hole in their system, one which they say will not become a problem again.

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