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Mozilla Firefox New Tab Candy

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Mozilla Firefox New Tab Candy – Mozilla is attempting to make browsing the internet a more organized affair for Firefox users by installing their new Tab Candy. Although it is still in the testing process, this new feature of Mozilla Firefox could make the browser stand out from the rest. When you open a series of tabs in a Firefox browser it can be very difficult to organize and see what you actually have opened. With Tab Candy you are able to group the different tabs to give you easier access to the ones that you need open for different tasks on the internet.

This new move could be a massive step in the right direction in regards to making Mozilla Firefox the most popular internet browser around.

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As mentioned above, it is still in the testing process, but you can download a test version of Firefox with the new interface. However, it would be wise to remember that it will have some bugs and flaws at the moment. Mozilla wants users to provide them with feedback after trying out the new interface. It is reported that the Tab Candy feature will not be a plug in, but rather an integrated part of the actual Firefox browser. Hopefully, if the feedback is good we will soon be able to experience a new organized way of browsing, without having to worry about a long strip of tabs that are impossible to make use of.

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