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MPAA Website Down – 4Chan DDoS Attack

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MPAA Website Down – 4Chan DDoS Attack – 4chan users have returned to what they do best. Thousands of anonymous users have carried out a major attack against several anti-piracy groups, such as Indian tech firm Aiplex Software or the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).

It all started yesterday with a ‘call to arms’ in the forum. Users quickly organized and held DDoS attacks against these sites of organizations that have fought fervently against Internet piracy.

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Aiplex Software was one of the architects of the recent attack on The Pirate Bay, one of the largest portals of P2P links. For its part, the MPAA is an association known for its anti-piracy efforts on the internet.
Youtube and Twitter were also recently attacked by 4chan.

People from all over the world participated in the massive attack, the mechanism is very simple. Users downloaded a program made available on 4chan, introduce the IP that they want to attack (also available on the forum) and contribute to crashing the websites.

4chan is known for its numerous attacks and lately the group has taken more socially-oriented positions.

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