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My Skills My Future: Department Of Labor New Website

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My Skills My Future: Department Of Labor New Website – Nearly 10 percent of all American have found themselves unemployed, and for many, even the hope of a job is nowhere near in sight. As America celebrates Labor Day as a time to relax and step away from the stress of their jobs, numerous Americans are in the opposite boat and would give anything to simply be able to work and get paid for it.

The U.S. Department of Labor has recently decided to introduce a new resource for those families without jobs, during the Labor Day holiday of 2010. The Department of Labor has recently set up a website that is designed to help people suffering from unemployment locate a possible job opportunity.

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The website is called ‘My Skills My Future’ and allows workers to enter in their previous job information in the hopes of matching them with a job that is currently available. An instructional video is posted on the front page that instructs users about how to use the site, in order to get the most out of it. Users can also search the job database for job training seminars as well as local job opportunities.

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