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MySpace Facebook Integration

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MySpace Facebook Integration – For most people the death of Myspace in favor of Facebook as the main social networking website on the internet is no surprise, and recently the nearly extinct website acknowledged this. Myspace has finally agreed to allow their members to log into Facebook through their Myspace pages.

The reason for this is because those who are still on Myspace will be able to transfer all of their “likes” as well as interests on Facebook to Myspace.

As a result members of both social network websites will receive content that is based on the likes and interests they have on these pages. In an effort to try and gain back some of the demand from users, Myspace has also been allowing Facebook users to sync their status updates with their Myspace page.

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Recently Myspace made a rather large concession, that they are not a website for social networking so much as they are for entertainment purposes such as music and videos. Although they were once considered to be one of the biggest competitors as far as social networking sites go, too many people across the world have made the switch to Facebook. Myspace compared themselves to an online version of MTV, offering numerous entertainment resources for those who still use the website. It is obvious to those who go on that they do not have even a fraction of the members they used to. Although many people have kept their profiles up, they no longer use them in favor of Facebook and all that it has to offer.

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