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MySpace Losing More Users

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It looks like MySpace may soon become empty space as reports show that the former king of social networking sites has lost 10 million users since January to February of this year alone.

Facebook on the other hand is now the top of the heap as MySpace lost that 10 million unique users going from 73 million down to 63 million in just four weeks. MySpace tried to catch up to Facebook last year by changing it’s face and did in fact raise 95 million unique users.

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With the decline of that many users in such a short time it’s no wonder that MySpace’s parent company, News Corporation is supposedly trying to sell it off.

Fans of social networking sites can easily see why MySpace is dying on the vine.

It’s so convoluted with pictures, videos, ad promo and distracting links as well as bad navigation that no one wants to waste time trying to find their simplest information or play games.

Facebook on the other hand is simple, to the point without having to push music, videos, and other promo stuff. You go to Facebook, chat with friends and that’s it. MySpace’s owners just don’t get it and probably never will.

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