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MySpace Redesign 2010: New MySpace Layout

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MySpace Redesign 2010: New MySpace Layout – MySpace has unveiled the new design for the social networking website after nearly three million people in the UK stopped using it in July of this year. The new site has seen some major changes, and is now focusing on its music roots which is one of the things that made it so popular in the first place. The new site even has a new logo, which is just the word ‘My’ with an extended dash which is said to represent the space.

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Apparently, the new design is said to aim to be the UK’s leading social music destination for thirteen to thirty five year olds. The whole site has now been given a totally new design. Not only is there a new design, but there are many new features that have been implemented into the site. It is said that there will soon be a brand new mobile version of the website, although what this will entail is not clear.

Many people are already been commenting on the new design, and not all of the feedback so far has been positive. The main thing that people have been criticizing is the new logo. A lot of people seem to prefer the old MySpace logo. Also, a lot of people have said that it is possible that the same thing could happen with Facebook in a few years’ time. The social networks that are available seem to die out after a while and then come back again.

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