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Mythbusters Twitter

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mythbusters twitter
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Mythbusters Twitter – Mythbusters twitter account can be found at the following address Savage who hosts the show keeps fans updated on his personal life with tweets such as:

here in Sn Francisco that store is called Dandelion. The best-kept gifting secret.
I’m a last minute fill-in for the Porchlight speaking series tonight! In less than an hour, I’ll be discussing toys.
@jamyianswiss I used to call gas “lemon juice” when I had a money pit, er– Jetta.

In case you missed this evening episode of Mythbusters called “Mini Myth Mayhem” ,here are the myths tested:

Can you mail a coconut without packaging?
Can you light a match with a bullet?
Can you make a candle with earwax?
Can you make someone urinate themself by putting their hand in a bowl while asleep?
Can you make your own gunpowder, and shoot it out of a bamboo bazooka?
Can you touch a piece of molten lead?

That’s all we have for now on Mythbusters Twitter.

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