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MyWeboo Diane Keng

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MyWeboo Diane Keng – It may be hard to believe, but one Silicon Valley teenager is already on her third successful start up. This may seem impossible in this day and age when thousands of people are flooding to Silicon Valley with the next “big idea.” That’s what separates Diane Keng from most entrepreneurs, she actually has the big ideas that are required to be a surviving presence in her field. She is the co-founder and marketing chief for the recent Silicon Valley start up company,that is housed in her garage in Cupertino. Her most current venture is titled
The website allows users to aggregate profiles, text, photos and video for posting on a number of different popular social networking sites. Included in these sites are Facebook and Picasa. So while Diane Keng is attending trade shows and expos, she is really supposed to be in class at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino. However, Keng is not your ordinary senior that will be leaving for college in the fall.

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“The thing is that you don’t tell them that you’re in high school until after they are impressed with you,” Diane told reporters. “That’s kind of the idea, you walk in there and act like every other professional human being.”
This is the third start up company of her short career. Her first start up company was a T-Shirt business, which was closely followed by a marketing research firm that focused on teenagers and young adults. Both Diane and her brother, Steven, are co-founders of MyWeboo, and have had a decent amount of success in the business.

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