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Net Neutrality Rules Approved

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Net neutrality has been a hot issue in recent months due to the growing number of people who have been rallying for the laws to pass because the internet’s free flow of information.

The net neutrality laws were initially proposed by the Obama administration and since then there have been a number of complaints from Americans who believe that these laws are necessary.

On Tuesday the Federal Communications Commission will vote on the proposed regulations which will give everyone equal access to the internet.

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Even if the proposed regulation passes there are still measures that congress can take to overturn it. While many people believe that the proposal will pass, it is uncertain whether or not it is going to remain that way. There are a number of advocates for internet freedom that believe that this proposed legislation is a definite step in the right direction when it comes to making the internet accessible to everyone.

Google and Verizon are just two of the major companies that have already suggested a net neutrality policy and it seems as though there are many people who support it.

Update: Net Neutrality rules approved by the FCC (3-2.)

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