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NetworthIQ – Joe Kincer is known for keeping records. He is a 32 year old web developer who lives in San Juan Capistrano, just southeast of Los Angeles. He has a healthy collection of Mega Man action figures, and his piano awards he received as a child. However, his biggest achievement in record is contained inside of a Quicken file on his computer. It was there that he has tracked all of his personal finances for over 16 years, since he was in the 11th grade. Kincer recently pushed a few different buttons on a keyboard and instantly projected his whole financial history onto a giant screen that hung from his ceiling. It had every transaction that he had ever made, including small transactions at grocery stores and gas stations.

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His knack for record keeping helped him out a few years ago when Kincer browsed to a website named NetworthIQ. The site allows people to display their net worth, and to make their ups and downs trackable for everyone on the website. Most of the people who place their data on the website do so anonymously. However, Kincer actually uses his real name and directs users of the site to his personal website.
His net worth is reportedly at about $201,000. That would be much higher than the $120,000 median figure that most U.S. families had in 2007. The amount that he is worth among his class (individuals with just an associates degree) makes him a big shot on the site. To Kincer, the site has become much more of a game than anything else in recent years. He has taken several steps to move up the ladder on the site, one that he hopes to top for his class one day.

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