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New Black Hole Discovered

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New Black Hole Discovered – One recent discovery in space has turned the entire scientific community upside down. Apparently researchers at NASA have gathered data which suggests that there is a black hole out there which is only 30 years old, compared to most others which are usually billions of years old. This recent news has many different implications on the nature of the universe and exactly what is possible. The discovery also gave scientists and astronomers a whole new way of viewing black holes and how they are made.

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Up until now they have been somewhat of a mystery wrapped up inside an enigma; however that puzzle may soon unfold to reveal some important answers about the universe that many scientists have been looking for.
Although for a long time scientists have claimed that black holes are the results of collapsed dead stars which have exploded a long time ago, it was until now that this theory was proven correct. Scientists now are able to claim a lot of what they thought to be fact.
It is just one discovery that is changing the way we view the universe in terms of how black holes are created and how they exist for so long.

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