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New iPhone 4 Apple Netflix App

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New iPhone 4 Apple Netflix App – NetFlix will be making an addition to the App Store offerings with their latest app for the iPhone. The phone was first previewed during Monday’s worldwide Developers Conference keynote speech. The movie rental service will allow users to stream video, view recommendations, browse genres and even access their queue from their phone. This will make it easy for individuals to watch a large number of different movies and television shows straight from their phone. The application is expected to be heavily downloaded in the hours afters its release.

The company’s CEO appeared on stage during the keynote address to preview the upcoming app. The app was also recently released for the iPad, and has had a large amount of success over the course of the last few weeks. It has been one of the most downloaded apps since its release, and the reviews for the application have been mostly positive.
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There is no word on when iPhone users can expect to receive the app. The app will be free in the app store when it is finally released, as users are already paying for their Netflix service and it will not require any additional charges, according to the announcement. The app will use HTTP adaptive streaming that will help improve the quality of the videos for the iPhone release. Users will be able to begin watching the movie through whatever medium (TV, phone, iPad), pause the movie, and then will be able to resume from a different device if necessary.

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