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New iPhone 4 Hack Could Spell Trouble

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New iPhone 4 Hack Could Spell Trouble – Jailbreakers at the iPhone Dev Team have come up with a new hack that could spell a lot of trouble for some app developers. The new hack, released on Sunday, allows iPhone 4 users to download and use apps that have not been approved by Apple. This new hack seems to operate in a very different way to most standard hacks that have been seen recently. Usually, hacks have to be used through software on a computer. However, this new app allows users to run it through the mobile Safari browser that is already installed on the iPhone.

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It is reported that the hack only works on the mobile Safari browser because the browser itself is unpatched. Currently, it is said that the hack will work on the iPhone 4, the iPod Touch, and the iPad. However, if you are thinking of downloading the new hack from, it might be wise to think about it carefully. There have been some issues with users downloading it. Firstly, there have been complaints that it can affect the MMS function of the iPhone4. FaceTime is also said to be affected by the hack.
However, the worry is that many people are going to be using the hack after it was announced last week that jailbreaking a mobile device was a legal thing to do in the USA. It may well be legal, but this is not to say that a user is not risking the efficiency and usability of their device by using a jailbroken device.

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