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New iPhone Gizmodo:iPhone 4G

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New iPhone Gizmodo:iPhone 4G – Over the weekend three photos were published on Engadget that are reportedly of the next generation iPhone. Along with the photos was a wild story about finding the newest version of the iPhone hidden inside of the older iPhone 3G case. This case was reportedly found on the floor of a bar in the San Jose area. Gizmodo then got a fair amount of time to examine the phone and look over all of its features.The new mobile device has been rumored to be launching in the next few months. The team at Gizmodo photographed the phone, shot a video of the phone, and even dismantled the case to get a good look at the inside of the phone. Apple has not confirmed that the phone that was found is indeed the upcoming iPhone, but all signs seem to be pointing in that direction.

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When the phone was turned on, it was frozen at the “Connect to ITunes” screen. There could be a number of reasons for this. Perhaps Apple disabled the phone from a remote location after it was lost, but after spending extensive time researching the phone some information did come out, confirming some rumors and shooting holes in others. The iPhone, as previously reported, will feature a higher resolution screen, along with a front facing camera. The design has changed slightly as well, and will be more thin, and made from a new material that is similar to that of the iPad. Also like the iPad, the new version of the iPhone will also feature the new MicroSIM card, which is smaller than previous versions of the card.
While there has been no confirmation by the company, it does seem that the phone is consistent with most of the rumors that have surfaced online recently.

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