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New Safari 5 Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2010 Debut?

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New Safari 5 Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2010 Debut? – The iPhone next generation is creating lots of excitement at the Apple Developer’s Conference this year, but it’s expected that other Apple products will get a new lease on life during Monday’s start off. The blog, MacGeneration, in France said that the next Safari could be announced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 (WWDC). It also hinted that it would be chock full of new features.

As the rumor is circulating, improvements to the new Safari 5 will be a smarter address field, faster hardware acceleration of the Windows web pages and a new look for the browsing icon .These are just a small part of the improvements to be released in the new version. Safari 5 is rumored to have multiple new features including: Built-in Safari Reader, enhanced functionality, improved page caching, faster pre-fetching of domain name service calls to improve the loading of web pages, increased support for the HTML 5 protocol, and tons more application developer tools.
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This impressive list of improvements make it sound almost like a complete rebuild of the previous versions but it still needs two other things to complete the list.Which are: a decent application interface for building extensions to the game and the ability to automatically reopen the closed pages once the browser is closed. Until then, Google Chrome is your best bet for a decent browser to use in the game.

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