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New Xbox 360:XBOX 360 Slim Release Date

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New Xbox 360

New Xbox 360:XBOX 360 Slim Release Date – Today at the E3 conference, Xbox 360 announced their new version of their XBox 360. This version will feature a slimmer model of the console, that will have substantially more impressive features. The new XBox 360 will be much quieter than the previous one. It will also come with a 250 GB hard drive, which would have taken quite an investment for the previous version of the console. The wait will not be all that long for the new console, as the Xbox 360 slim version begins shipping later on in the week. It will cost around $300 US, but will include a number of features that were not included in previous versions of the XBox.

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The surprise was not the announcement of the new console, it was that they would be shipping it so soon. The console has received a change in color as well, and will be sold in only black in the very beginning. The first version of the XBox 360 was white, but other colored versions have been produced as well. There appears to be more vents than the previous versions of the XBox, and it is more suited to deal with the intense heat that has ruined many of the previous versions of the console.
E3 was filled with a number of huge revelations. There will be many additions to the console, including allowing players to access ESPN 360 and Hulu from their consoles. This is a feature that has been requested for some time by those individuals with the system.

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