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NGP: Next Generation Portable PSP Successor Launch Near

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Sony has announced that very shortly they will be launching the successor to the PlayStation Portable, an incredibly popular mobile gaming console which caught fire once it hit the market.

The latest release from this company will be called the “New Generation Portable” and it will have a five inch OLED display for extra high definition as well as WiFi a 3G networking for those who are looking forward to all the bells and whistles.

The gaming console will have both front and rear cameras as well as GPS locating built-in.
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The company has announced that they will be releasing the potable gaming console later on in the year and that they are excited for the public to finally see it.

They have also discussed some of the other features such as the fact that it will have a touchpad on the back and it will support dual analog sticks which is something that many gamers are looking forward to.

Lately Sony has been doing their best to keep everything top secret but the announcement finally broke about their most recent creation, much to the relief of gamers who have been long anticipating the news. It is expected to be the ultimate in portable gaming with all of its new and improved features.

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