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*Sponsored Links* – is a redirection to which is the official website for the 2009 Nickelodeon Original Movie called Spectacular.Here’s the movie’s synopsis:

Nikko (Nolan Gerard Funk) is the next rock superstar and he plans to conquer the world with his band, Alloy. Courtney’s (Tammin Sursok) world revolves around her sequin-filled show choir, Spectacular. But when Alloy kicks Nikko out of the band and Spectacular loses their best male singer to a rival choir, Courtney convinces Nikko to join Spectacular. Will Nikko be the force that Spectacular needs to finally beat their rival choir, Ta-Da? Or will Nikko’s rock edge be too much for the glittery world of the show choirs? Get your jazz hands ready because this is going to be SPECTACULAR!

The trailer and a preview of the movie are below.

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