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Nicole John Blog Sought After Teen Daughter Of US Ambassador Death

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Nicole John Blog Sought After Teen Daughter Of US Ambassador Death – Nicole John blog was at the following address but has been erased for the obvious reason that we all know.

Nicole John, the daughter of a US diplomat fell 22 stories to her death in New York last night. She had reportedly been drinking at a local nightclub, and had blogged about her intoxication before falling to her death. She claimed in her final Facebook message that she was “losing track of rounds,” and that everything was “all a blur.”

After leaving the club, she attended a house party that was nearby. She grabbed a camera, and stepped out onto the ledge. Wearing jeans and a white top, she lost her balance and fell off of the window overhang, falling 22 stories onto a third story overhang where police found her body.

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She was going to be attending the Parsons School of Design, and since her death a number of media sources have dissected the postings on her blog. Her blog featured a number of posts that detailed her use of vodka and Xanax, leading some to believe that she may have had a substance abuse problem long before her deadly fall.
A number of empty bottles were found inside of the apartment, including a bottle of Patron tequila on the windowsill. It is believed that she climbed out of the window to take a picture, when she lost her balance and fell 22 stories.
Ilan Nassimi, who hosted the late night party, was charged with two counts of giving booze to someone who was underage. He was released without bail and could face up to a year behind bars if he is convicted of the charges.

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