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NORAD Santa Tracker 2010: Where Is Santa Right Now On Google Earth?

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There are quite a few people who do not realize that tracking Santa’s travel across the world is a tradition that the North American Aerospace Command follows and it is on its 55th consecutive year now.

The inside technicians of NORAD have started to drop some hints as to just how they manage to track Santa Claus through the sky, using high-tech digital cameras that are able to pick up radar signals as well as special forces fighter jets that help in this process.

They have began to release a number of facts as to how their secret Santa tracking method works, answering a total of 74,000 phone calls as well as thousands more emails asking exactly where Santa is located.

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Any questions into the matter are instantly answered with a somewhat cryptic and mysterious message which states that it has something to do with the magic of Christmas as well as a number of tracking methods they use.

The “NORAD Tracks Santa” news story was originally released in 1955 when it hit a newspaper in Colorado Springs.

Apparently the phone number that led to the Santa’s direct hotline accidentally went to the Continental Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado Springs.

You can track Santa here (and in 3D here).

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