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Nuclear Meltdown After Japan Earthquake 2011?

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The problems in Japan keep escalating regarding the ongoing nuclear power plant events as a sixth reactor loses cooling functions.

The Tokyo Electric Power Co. said that one more of their reactors of their Fukushima nuclear power plants had lost its cooling functions bringing to six the number of reactors in trouble and causing great concern globally about that country’s ability to stave off a nuclear core meltdown catastrophe.

Earlier on Saturday an explosion blasted away the roof and walls of the No. 1 reactor’s container vessel.

Authorities assured the public that nothing happened to the steel container that encases the No. 1 reactor core and that only vapor from the container ignited causing the explosion.

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The company worked feverishly trying to cool the cores and had to resort to pouring sea water into the core rendering it inoperable from now on. This drastic move was a final attempt to get the core cooled down so that other operations could be made.

Evacuations of 10 kilometers to 20 kilometers in radius of the area around the plants was initiated as rescue teams and international aid came in to help the devastated area. Some people were exposed to radiation including a dozen or more at a nearby hospital.

Authorities are giving regular reports regarding the condition of the reactors as well as any dangers to the environment and population.

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