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Numbers On Facebook Status

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After rumors began to spread about the whole Facebook cartoon default picture setup being a hoax originating from child predators, many people are now hesitant to keep the pictures they have put up.

There is now a somewhat mysterious number game that everyone seems to be involved in. The friend requests that their friends ask what they think about them by giving them a number and then their friends give them a number in return.

There is no doubt that this number craze is the latest thing to hit the social networking site and it is spreading more quickly than anyone else ever anticipated.

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Thousands of people on Facebook have already started to post their numbers, asking friends to tell them what they think of them. Lately these trends have been popping up more and more as people start to see what they can get their friends interested in.

The cartoon craze started a while ago when people began standing up to child abuse by posting pictures of their favorite childhood cartoon characters, but after some got wind of a possible hoax they started to disappear. It is somewhat of a mystery how these trends start and spread so quickly in the first place, but they definitely catch on fast.

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