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*Sponsored Links* is a website created by Scot Savage to originally cover the OJ trial but is now is looking for donations for MOONDOG, The Official Handicapped Las Vegas Goodwill Ambassador.

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Dear fans.
Thank you for all the fun and good times we had during the OJ Simpson Las Vegas Trail. We loved all the emails and chat in the chat room. This web site was just an idea that popped into my head while watching OJ being arrested in my home town, Las Vegas, back in September 2007. I thought, How can I make buck off of this. Well, that was the problem right there. I’m the good Karma Real Estate Guy. I should have never thought I could make a quick buck off of someones misfortunes. I invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars and never made a single penny profit. But hey, I would rather try and fail 100 times than never see an idea through. So I waisted some time and money, I had fun, and I know many of you did too.
While trying to best market the web site, I met a wonderful dude. His name is Moondog. He applied to be the official OJTalk spokesperson and I hired him the instant we met. He had the charm and dedication the web site needed in a spokesperson. We struck up a deal for him to promote the site and I would run the operation.
He woke up at everyday at 3am and rode his wheelchair to the bus stop. He then traveled by city bus over a dozen miles each way to be there when OJ entered and left the courthouse everyday of the trial. He was the one and only loyal OJ fan there everyday of the trial. Well damn it, the web site wasn’t the cash cow we believed it to be, and we didn’t become instant overnight internet millionaires. Oh well, I’m young, I will come up with more ideas and maybe the next one will be my google. I do wish I could have made Moondog rich, he deserves a windfall for all his hard work.
Making Moondog rich is the reason behind this open letter. I need your help. Could you please make a donation to MOONDOG, The Official Handicapped Las Vegas Goodwill Ambassador and OJ Simpson Las Vegas Trial Icon. Moondog lives on a very limited fixed income. He was and still is hoping to be discovered as the entertainer that he is. As co-owner of, Moondog was to earn a hefty commission from all the sales of the OJ shwag being offered here. Well, ended up that the Karma Gods didn’t want anyone to profit from OJ Simpson’s demise, so the web sites sales never took off and the web site is still in the red.
Karma can be a bitch.
The Karma Gods found OJ Guilty, and no one at profited from it. We can sleep at night in our beds and Mr Simpson can toss and turn in his cell. The Karma Gods want Moondog to be rewarded for his hard work and dedication and so do I. That’s why I write this open letter to you. Please Help Me and make a cash donation to the hardest working handicapped man I ever met. Every penny received will be given to Moondog to rewarded his dedication. Please help me help Moonie and donate some cash to the dog.

Thank You.
Scot Savage, Idea man behind and hey, if you need Las Vegas real estate, just call me at 702-261-9048.

That’s all we have for now on Simpson.

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