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Old Spice Guy Barack Obama Advice:Isaiah Mustafa Youtube Video

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Old Spice Guy Barack Obama Advice:Isaiah Mustafa Youtube Video – Old Spice knows how to promote their brand to a niche audience. With their recent string of hilarious commercials, they have now targeted their commercials toward specific internet groups online, including the wildly popular image board, 4 Chan. The commercials feature the same man who was used in the “horse” commercials, but specifically targets users of the website who often refer to themselves as “anonymous.”

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It will be interesting to see how the volatile community reacts to the commercials.
It is an interesting shift in marketing that may catch on if it is successful. The promotion is as cheap as it gets, as the commercial made its way around the community of millions right after it debuted. For one day the company allowed people to comment on the ad via their Twitter account, and so far most of the responses have been positive.

Although the commercial is not as funny as their previous commercials, it will likely be much more effective because of how targeted their audience is. They are promoting to a certain group of people who use one website. If this trend catches on, it will be interesting to see what companies adopt the practice for cheap promotion.

The company has also made a number of smaller videos, including one for Kevin Rose, the co-founder of Digg, who Tweeted that he was feeling under the weather.

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