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Open Letter to Craigslist Describes Children Forced into Prostitution

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An open letter calling for the shut down of Craigslist’s Adult Services section was written this week by two girls who claims to have been sold using the website as sex slaves, both of which were underage at the time.

In the letter, one girl refers to herself as AK, and says that she met a man who pretended to be her boyfriend, but turned out to be a pimp. He abused her for years, forcing her to sell herself from city to city, mostly at motels and truck stops. She describes “10 hours with 10 different men every night”.

The other girl, MC, said that at age 11 she was forced by an older man to live in his home with other young girls. They would work out sex trade via Craigslist to avoiding beatings and ice baths.

Posted by FAIR Fund, a non-profit organization that is fighting for an end to the section, the ad generated a great deal of attention, including by co-founder of Craigslist, Jim Buckmaster.

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“If Craigslist was misused, we want to learn more so we can improve our preventative measures,” he wrote.

“If anyone committing such crimes has not yet been apprehended and prosecuted, we want to do everything in our power to assist the police in making that happen.”

But they deny that this is a common occurrence, saying that millions of people use the service area legally every year.

MC had a strict accusation for the website, however.

“We’ve heard that the Adult Services section of Craigslist brings in $36 million a year by charging for these ads. These profits are made at the expense of girls like us, who are lured, kidnapped, and forced to feed the increasing demand for child rape. New traffickers are putting up ads every day, because they know it’s less risky and more profitable to sell girls on Craigslist than to deal drugs.”

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