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Operation Beautiful launches on

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Operation Beautiful launches on – Can a post-it note change the way women view themselves? Some think so, and Caitlin Boyle, a 24 year old blogger from Orlando believes that it can. She is fed up with women who pick themselves apart and constantly compare themselves to the women that they see on the magazine covers and on television. Not everyone can be a svelte model, but she maintains that everyone is still beautiful. She scribbled a simple note on a post-it note to remind herself each and every day; “You Are Beautiful!” the note says.

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After two days of having her post online, she received emails from readers around the world who did the same thing as her to help get themselves through the day with a little bit of self-confidence. The notes offer encouragement to people who are working on their self-esteem and self-worth.
She soon launched, and posted the notes. Soon, the movement began and has continued to grow since that time. Now, the site showcases different notes that women have written from around the world to make themselves feel better about themselves. Each note also contains an interview and sometimes a story about why the words on the note were significant to that person.
It certainly is an interesting website that has managed to go viral very quickly, and has been covered by some very prominent news sources. Some of the messages are more clever than others, but all of them stay around the simple theme of loving yourself.

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