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Pac Man Google Game

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Pac Man Google Game – When Google replaced their logo with a playable Pac Man game on the 30th anniversary of the release of Pac Man, the game quickly went viral on the web. While there had been many playable Pac Man games online previously, many people just did not think to look for it. When they had it placed in front of them on the most visible website in the world, it appears that many people rediscovered their love for the Pac Man game. Recent reports have also stated that Google will be making the game playable exclusively on the Google browser, which will likely increase their browser market share dramatically for a small period of time.

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Pac Man, a game that had long since been forgotten, replaced by newer, much more advanced technology, there really was no reason to play Pac Man and no sensible way to update the game to a new format. Who knew that a simple placement on the homepage of Google would bring back so many former fans of the game, making Pac Man related searches some of the most popular on the web since the game first appeared on the Google browser.
There are numerous places online that will allow you to play the original Pac Man game. No doubt, someone will have re-crafted the Google version soon enough to make it available as well.

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