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Packard Bell New Laptops In Italy

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Packard Bell Puma
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Packard Bell has released a list of machines in Italy today which includes a wide range of new laptops .It presented the TN line (pictured above) which is set to appeal to a younger audience with low prices and multimedia features.The EasyNote RS65 13.3-incher which comes in red and chrome also has highlights and circular touch pad.Here are some other features:

It packs an Intel Centrino 2 and dedicated video card with DVI and HDMI. Other machines include the multimedia-friend ML (15.4-inch) and SL (17-inch) based on the Puma platform.

The company also unleashed the MT (15.4-inch) and ST (17-inch) laptops.
Both of them are equipped with a “Battery Boost” button that allows you to switch between dedicated video and integrated Intel GMA chipsets in order to conserve unwired time.Lastly,in the desktop category, Packard Bell introduced the new i-Media, family-Extreme, and i-Max machines.
Packard Bell has been dying in the US,that is why they are doing all they can to attract new clients.

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