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Ricky Gonzalez & Estefany Danelia Martinez Facebook Posts Lead To Arrests »

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Another incident of stupidity and social networking has landed several people in jail for bank robbery after they reportedly boasted about their crimes on their Facebook pages.

The two people in custody ripped off a Texas bank according to an affidavit from the FBI Special Agent Kevin J. Katz.

The two people, Ricky Gonzalez, 18 and Estefany Danelia Martinez, 19, reportedly made off with over $62k after staging the robbery.

Gonzalez, Martinez’s boyfriend and an accomplice entered the bank, jumped over the teller counter, demanded money while wearing masks, and locked the employees into the vault.

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Drop In Nokia’s Market Share In First Quarter »

The popularity of Verizon has soured with the company’s introduction of the iPhone. T-Mobile, with its Catherine Zeta Jones ads, has remained a distant competitor.

Yet, Nokia has really suffered amidst the growing popularity of other companies, as Apple sold a record number of iPhones when they became compatible with Verizon users. Apple got a 95% rise in first-quarter profits.

Meanwhile, Nokia’s market share has dropped from 4% to 29%, according to the BBC.

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White House Eyes DHS Cyber Responsibilities Expansion »

When computer geeks took over the world they didn’t count on the ramifications of the Frankenstein’s monster they’d created.

In this story, the White House itself has drafted a bill that expands the Department of Homeland Security’s power and cyber responsibilities.

This new legislation, not a memo, but legislation from the White House raises eyebrows as to why and if the Oval Office has the authority to write legislation when it clearly does not.

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Google Youtube Copyright School »

As if Google doesn’t have enough to do now they’re cracking down on YouTube video users with a requirement that violators have to watch a copyright tutorial and pass a test if they want to go back and post any new videos.

It’s like when you were a kid and threw a spitball in class you had to stay after school and write a hundred times on a blackboard that you wouldn’t throw spitballs in class.

This is a proactive step, although comical, to not only discipline users but also for YouTube and Google to cover their butts.

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Internet Ad Revenue Climbing »

Talk about a huge haul!

In 2010 it’s reported that the internet brought in an astounding $26 billion in revenue, up 15 percent from the previous year.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau and PsC released the latest figures which shows five consecutive quarters of growth.

The stats break down to the search engines hauling in 46% of the revenue with digital video accounting for 5%, display ads including video brought in $10 billion up 24% in 2010, and sponsorships showed an 88% increase to $718 million making it the fastest growing form of ad revenue.

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Dick Durbin Eyes Internet Sales Taxes »

Senator Dick Durbin is pushing a piece of legislation that would introduce an Internet sales tax that would make it necessary for sales online such as Amazon and Overstock to include state sales tax.

Durbin, and his plan want to even the playing field because he finds it wrong that out of state companies making sales to customers in state pay no taxes while brick and mortar stores have to pay state taxes.

As it stands now, people around the world can buy online, especially in the US where each state can purchase goods online from other states.
In these transactions, purchasers aren’t required to pay sales taxes.

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