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In The Plex Book On Google and Apple »

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A new book that’s scheduled to hit the shelves this week is supposed to be so hot that it may tear the roof of the secret Google empire.

“In The Plex” is a book authored by one Steven Levy who is a tech reporter who states he’d done two years of research into Google.

The book supposedly focuses on the falling out of favor between Google and Apple’s Steve Jobs.

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Skype, Gmail Targeted By Russian Security Service »

Somebody call the Kremlin!

The Russian security service is out for blood and it’s Google, Gmail, Skype and Hotmail that are the target of the agency who want to ban them all as they’ve been determined to be security threats.

The big boss there, Alexander Andreyechkin made the statements about the heavily used web services stating in no uncertain terms but his intervention is seen by many as government censorship and meddling into internet affairs which is unlikely to be tolerated by the massive dependency the public has there regarding the web.

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Credit Score Sites Sued »

Get ready to check your credit scores! A lawsuit has been filed in a California federal court that points to credit reporting agency giant Experian for defrauding customers.

The class action lawsuit status says that Experian is intentionally confusing, false advertising and not delivering the goods to consumers who pay for the company’s and Free websites.

It’s all due to the way Experian gathers and sends customers and lending institutions credit scores.

The lawyers filing the suit found that Experian uses two different services in regard to gathering credit scores.

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Google Online Piracy Drama »

It appears Google is again the target of scorn as lawmakers have their sights set on the search engine giant claiming that Google is public enemy No. 1 regarding online piracy.

It’s Chairman Bob Goodlatte R-Va that is pointing out Google’s foot dragging in regards to shutting out the websites that host or promote online piracy. The legislators are neck deep in complaints from companies and performers regarding the constant barrage of piracy sites in their database.

Goodlatte did point out that Google had taken some steps in the right direction but the other lawmakers as well as the effected victims don’t think it’s good enough.

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Verizon Customers U.S. Data Breach »

Another victim of the Epsilon security breach has come forward to warn it’s customers that their email addresses were exposed by the hackers.

Verizon Communications finally informed their customers of the penetration that is a result of the hacker attack on Epsilon that services dozens of companies and dozens of colleges and other institutions.

Epsilon’s security got breached and Verizon was feared to have been a victim but today’s declaration from the country’s largest mobile telephone company verified the rumors.

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Pandora Faces U.S. Privacy Investigation »

Here comes the US Government to the rescue as they have launched a federal investigation into the security and privacy lapses in apps that go with Apple and Google smartphones.

So far Pandora Media got the bad news that they had been subpoenaed regarding the investigation but they are not the primary target.

The investigation appears to be expansive and is touching every part of the apps industry and for good reason.

Apps are relatively new and with any new technology there will be some who will use it for ill-gotten gains.

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