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Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer On iPhone 5 »

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Oops! It looks like SONY CEO Sir Howard Stringer has spilled the digital beans as he accidentally blabbed to everyone in the free world that image sensors will be supplied with the Apple iPhone 5.

Stringer’s goof up came when he was doing an interview with the Wall Street Journal and had been discussing the damage to 15 of SONY’s plants in Japan due to the massive earthquake of March 11.

He slipped up and mentioned that the image sensors were at one of the damaged plants and would be shipped for the iPhone 5.

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Facebook Interpublic $200-$300 Million Stake »

Facebook has turned into the biggest monster money maker of recent times and to look at who owns part of the social networking giant is quite enlightening.

It’s revealed that the advertising group, Interpublic Group actually has an ownership stake in Facebook to the tune of about $200 to $300 million so says The Financial Times.

Now mind you, that number may seem mind boggling but get this, even with a $300 million stake in Facebook the site is so huge that $300 million is only, just less of a half percent.

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Customers Exposed In Data Breach »

It’s time to watch your behind as another major breach in customer security has occurred and it looks like it is the biggest breach in US history.

A company called Epsilon that stores customer data for many of the biggest companies and banks in the US got itself hacked and customers’ personal information may have been compromised in this latest cyber attack.

An A-List number of major corporations are coming forward to alert customers to the breach and to give advice as to what to look out for.

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Facebook Sued Over Intifada Page »

Sometimes being rich is bad enough. That’s the case here in this story about the popular social networking site “Facebook” that is reportedly being sued for $1 billion by an attorney from the US, named Larry Klayman.

Klayman filed the suit in DC Superior Court last Thursday saying the website has a page that supported violence against Jews.

The page, “Third Palestinian Intifada” grabbed up over 340,000 “likes” since it was put up and called for a May 15 global assault against Jews.

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SQL Injection Cyber Attack On Million Websites »

Today another incident showed just how dangerous cyberspace can be as a massive attack on websites took place sending people scrambling to do damage control.

The numbers may be in the millions or tens of millions of websites hit by what’s referred to as a mass-injection attack are now appearing.

Word is that the attack was first detected by a company called WebSence that is a security firm. The new internet menace is called “LizaMoon” because the first injected domain was called

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Microsoft Attacking Google »

Microsoft has been going after Google like it ain’t no thang.

Now the software giant wants to get some antitrust stances against Google because Google keeps expanding into other venues and Microsoft feels that expansion is cramping the style of the industry.

Microsoft took their case to the European regulators. It sounds like that Microsoft just can’t stand not being the big guy on the block anymore.

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