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Paul Allen Slams Bill Gates In New Book: Idea Man: A Memoir »

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There’s trouble in Microsoft Land as co-founder of the gillion dollar computer company, Paul Allen says in a new book that his partner, Bill Gates tried to cut Allen’s share of the company down when it was found out that Allen was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease way back in 1982.

Allen says that Gates tried to bamboozle him into a 64-36 split when they started the company. Allen goes on to point out all sorts of unpleasant personality traits of Gates, one of the wealthiest men on Earth and it gets more than just nasty.

Allen doesn’t let up talking about his pal who together they revolutionized the computer software industry to become not only the most used operating system but a mega corporation that owns everything for a light year around except the sunshine.

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Amazon Cloud Player Changes Music »

Not only has Amazon made history last week with it’s new Amazon Cloud drive ,the enterprise is now launching it’s own Cloud Player which permits its clients to upload their music to Amazon’s Cloud Drive servers and either use their PC’s or the internet to listen to them.

This new player and service allows users to upload and store their music on Amazon’s Cloud Drive and play them as they wish. They get 5 GB of storage and an upgrade gets them 20 GB if they buy their music via Amazon and then it’s an additional $1 per gigabyte after that.

Two apps come with the Cloud Player, one for the web and one for the android.

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Google Mobile Payment Technology Near »

The Wall Street Journal said that Google is teaming up with Citigroup and Mastercard to set up what they estimate to be a mobile payment system that turns Android phones into somewhat of an electronic wallet.

This should allow customers to wave or pass their Android phones before a small reader at the checkout counter and purchase items.

The new payment system would allow Google to deliver retailers more information about their consumers and aid them in targeting advertisements and discount offers to the mobile device.

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YouTube Hollywood Makeover »

Google’s got stars in their eyes as they’re reportedly attempting to tap big star names to develop content for their YouTube network.

Google is apparently going around Hollywood looking for the biggest talent agencies to and laying down plans to create a network of channels based on specific themes, genres, and niches.

Google is offering juicy cash advances against future advertising revenues in exchange for lending their names to these new channels and overseeing their content.

Google didn’t comment on the story yet.

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Facebook Ban For South Carolina Inmates: Gilliard »

Rep. Wendell Gilliard (D), from South Carolina is out to stop inmates from using Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace.

Gilliard says, “This bill would be the first bill of such in the whole country that would be a crime for any inmate while in prison to set up social media as a means of communications. If a person gets caught, he or she would have a lot of time added to what they’ve been given. It also carries a fine,”.

It’s the issue of inmates using smuggled smartphones inside the prisons that is of concern as also victim’s families and the victims themselves have complained that the inmates are using social networking sites to stalk, harass and threaten them.

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Honda Lacking Parts In N. America »

Honda Motor Co’s North American plants may find their production interrupted after April 1st because of a lack of critical parts as the suppliers from Japan try to recover from the massive earthquake and tsunami that devastated the nation.

The six Honda plants in America especially the two Ohio plants and plants in Alabama, Indiana, Canada, and Mexico will shut down until the company can get back on it’s feet.

Spokesman Jeffrey Smith of Honda informed the public in this regard.

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