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Netflix: Miramax $100 Million Deal »

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Word has it from Reuters that Netflix is about to close a deal with Miramax to stream that studio’s library of films that would be estimated at $100 million over five years.

Miramax has more than 700 titles of movies and more. No one at Mirimax nor Netflix responded to a query about the deal but the Wall Street Journal had reported that the companies had been working on the deal.

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MySpace Losing More Users »

It looks like MySpace may soon become empty space as reports show that the former king of social networking sites has lost 10 million users since January to February of this year alone.

Facebook on the other hand is now the top of the heap as MySpace lost that 10 million unique users going from 73 million down to 63 million in just four weeks. MySpace tried to catch up to Facebook last year by changing it’s face and did in fact raise 95 million unique users.

With the decline of that many users in such a short time it’s no wonder that MySpace’s parent company, News Corporation is supposedly trying to sell it off.

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FTC Do Not Track Plan Push »

Jeff Chester the executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy says, “The Internet has become a serious threat to our privacy.”

He’s talking about the growing issue of surfers being tracked, or stalked whenever the go online to search or buy goods or even look at topics.

These tracking techniques using both legal and illegal procedures and technologies can lead to a profile about you that those of ill intent can use against you.

Companies and individuals can use these techniques to find out about your beliefs, social status, financial information, ethnic information, medical data and your dating or sexual practices.

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Yahoo Real-Time Search Debuts »

It’s another facelift for Yahoo Inc as the company has revamped its search engine service to detect queries and show off answers from movie listings to weather forecasts in a way that if users type in one word they’ll get responses.

This new search service is called Search Direct and displays the answers to queries in a pop up box which changes during real time as the user proceeds with typing in a query.

It is in direct competition with Google’s “Google Instant” which will display possible search answers as the searcher continues to type in queries and keywords.

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Google’s Universal Library Rejected By Judge »

Google has hit a federal roadblock in it’s attempts to establish the first universal library which would be archiving all the books ever published on Earth.

The reason the federal judge blocked Google on Tuesday was because the settlement deal Google had put out for publishers was too far in granting Google control over the digitization of the books.

Judge Denny Chin of the US District Court in New York City wrote in his 48 page ruling, “The question presented is whether the settlement agreement is fair, adequate, and reasonable,” and added, “I conclude that it is not.”

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Microsoft Sues Barnes & Noble »

Barnes & Noble Inc is going toe to toe with Microsoft Corp as the latter has filed lawsuits for patent infringement over the Nook electronic book reader.

Microsoft basically says that Barnes & Nobel’s e-readers infringe on several of Microsoft’s patents using software that is able to tab between screens and surf the web as well as interact with e-books.

It’s just one lawsuit of several in the battleground of the mobile industry with companies going at it with the fervor of in the ring combatants regarding who owns what technology and who invented it. It’s one company after another with lawsuits flying all over seemingly over the smallest incident.

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